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Topic subjectHaha yea. Oh - I also meant to say I think Daphne and Cameron ...
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746786, Haha yea. Oh - I also meant to say I think Daphne and Cameron ...
Posted by Brew, Tue Dec-06-22 02:39 PM
... are in an open relationship that they just haven't explicitly stated to Harper and Ethan yet. Cameron is wayyyyy too open about his exploits and attempted exploits (making eyes at Harper all week right in front of Daphne, grabbing her leg at dinner, etc.) and they seem to just rib eachother and get off on talking about eachother fucking other people. So I'm convinced it's either explicitly open between them, or just more well understood - even if unspoken - in their relationship, that they'll both be stepping out whenever they want and they both just kind of accept it.

To this point it's been presented by Daphne specifically, as if she *knows* he's cheating but he doesn't know that she knows, and that she steps out too but pretends she's just a naive housewife. I think that's not exactly the case. But again this is all just a guess.

>I read about Alessio being in the first episode yesterday and
>I have been conflicted about mentioning it lol I kind don't
>like that I read that. Would had preferred to had seen it as
>flash back in the last episode but oh well.
>Your theory on Tanya makes sense and makes Greg seem so nice.
>I don't know if I want it to be true lol
>I think I am going to rewatch both seasons when this is over.
>I know I didn't like watching the first couple of episodes of
>both seasons but this one really sucked me in. I don't
>remember if I ended up enjoying later episodes of the first