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Topic subjectI have no idea how they're gonna wrap this up in 1 episode.
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746772, I have no idea how they're gonna wrap this up in 1 episode.
Posted by Ryan M, Mon Dec-05-22 03:43 PM
But whewwwww there's some craziness going on.

It does still seem like Albie is getting played with the "pimp" angle. Who knows who that dude actually is - but she's playing the long con, it seems.

The Greg was the cowboy theory looks to be correct! I don't think that they're going to kill Tanya tough - more likely that they are recording her infidelity, probably to make her prenup more susceptible or something? Not sure how this works - but clearly, Greg set this up and the "coming into money" thing seems to be him splitting whatever his settlement is with the British dude.

They're playing this very ambiguously, but I don't think Harper ACTUALLY cheated with Cam. More that she's fucking with Ethan...and now he's losing it.

An interesting theory is that last season started a shot of the person who ended up being the killer - and now this season started with Daphne on the beach. Could it be that she kills Cam or Ethan somehow?