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746710, Yeah...
Posted by Ryan M, Mon Nov-28-22 05:49 PM

>>Albie's getting got by Lucia...that was not her "pimp".
>Who you think it is ? Just an ex ?

An ex, or a friend - someone who she's using for the image of the "wounded bird", I think. Either she's bleeding Albie for money OR she's using that as a way to come to LA with him or something? Who knows - but she found Dom on the internet and there hasn't been talk of a pimp (though I think it was mildly hinted at that she DOESNT have one when Albie was saying how he didn't want to be with her if she was being forced into it, etc).

She also didn't have to say that Cam owed her money to Albie either, but she did. So...somehow, she's gaming him.