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Topic subjectLot of red herrings regarding who dies IMO.
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746708, Lot of red herrings regarding who dies IMO.
Posted by Brew, Mon Nov-28-22 04:19 PM
I forgot there were bodies (plural) but at the beginning of the episode I was convinced Mia (the other working gal, I think that's her name) was gonna kill the piano player so she'd be able to keep playing haha. And I really only thought that cuz I was trying to think outside the box rather than follow "leads."

Still not convinced he won't be one of the bodies but not sure how that plays into the larger story about the deaths.

>Daphnie had the trainer's baby then, right?

Somehow didn't pick up on this but ... yea. Haha.

>Albie's getting got by Lucia...that was not her "pimp".

Who you think it is ? Just an ex ?