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Topic subjectWell a LOT happened in that last episode (spoilers)
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746707, Well a LOT happened in that last episode (spoilers)
Posted by Ryan M, Mon Nov-28-22 01:31 PM

Are we to assume a) Tanya is in some trouble with the gay dudes? It's not that far from where the resort is - and we still haven't found out who the bodies are. We just know that some of them are hotel guests (Tanya and Portia? The guys themselves?) Clearly they're con men - is Greg the "cowboy"?

Daphnie had the trainer's baby then, right?

Albie's getting got by Lucia...that was not her "pimp".

If you dive into the subreddit they're convinced that Dom is going to die because of the Godfather/oranges tie ins...but who knows.

I'm digging this season. Give Jennifer Coolidge all the awards.