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Topic subjectSpider-man: Rise of SkyParker (spoilers)
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742958, Spider-man: Rise of SkyParker (spoilers)
Posted by Tiger Woods, Sat Dec-18-21 11:05 PM
The parallels between the Spider-Man and Star Wars franchises are pretty consistent

1. Original trilogy - groundbreaking if uneven movies, with a genre defining 2nd installment

2. Garfield movies are like the prequels - obviously awful but at least commendable for having taken risks and attempting something new

3. Holland trilogy - Disney gets involved and just kind of heats up the leftovers to uninspired results

Parts of this movie were fun - obviously the three way convo before the final showdown is the highlight of the movie. There’s Big chunks of this plot that are just hilariously dumb… this whole mess starts over his friends not getting into MIT lol.

On one hand , hard to deny how much fun it is to see ELITE actors like Molina, Defoe, and Jamie Foxx on screen all at once. On the other hand…this is the best we can do with this cast of alpha-tier performers?

It really does feel like one of the Rey/Kylo Star Wars movies…at times thrilling, but mostly just a mish mosh of fan service parts that never achieves the highs of the source material it’s cribbing from.

Marvel movies often feel weightless, and sometimes they even seem void of heft on purpose (Ragnarok, and it still mostly works.) So if this movie achieves one thing it’s that the Holland Spider-Man character now has some weight to him, a trait that was sorely missing and so well felt in Raimi’s Spidey. At least now he’s experienced loss and will have to earn his wins.