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Topic subject… huh? lol
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742955, … huh? lol
Posted by Frank Longo, Sat Dec-18-21 02:36 PM
>So did these better actors ACT their ass off as teenagers? LOL NO they didnt. We don't need Holland to be an amazing actor, the same way we dont need any of these actors to be amazing at acting in these Marvel movies.

Where did Ebiri say that the acting was bad? Or that the problem with the movie was the acting? I didn’t see that anywhere in the article.

The only comment I saw was "as we watch act literal circles around everybody else, we are reminded of how lifeless and wanting the rest of the picture is." But that's not really complaining about the acting of everyone else, since most of his complaints about other characters are about what the movie gives them to do, not about the performances themselves.

>This isn't the Godfather or Citizen Kane. This is a popcorn flick... The acting has never been great in any of the movies so lets stop pretending they have been AND that they NEED to be.

Nor was he complaining that this movie wasn’t Oscar-worthy or whatever. This writer has loved plenty of popcorn films, he’s far from a snooty dude. He sung the praises of Gerard Butler’s COPSHOP just a month ago or so, lol. He just... didn't like this one.

>Critics need to stop reviewing these types of movies with the same mindset they would when they go watch a typical "oscar worthy" film.

I think there’s a big difference between “finding potential reasons why you didn’t connect with a movie” and “over-analysis.” And someone not liking a Marvel movie isn’t the same as bad criticism, lol. I liked it more than him, but his main complaints do more or less mirror my own.

I'm probably not going to deep dive too far into my thoughts beyond what I posted above, especially since everyone I know is really liking the movie, and it's not fun to be the guy who thought something everyone else loves is fine, lol. But I figured I'd at least share some of those thoughts in case anyone else was left feeling the same way I did.