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Posted by Heinz, Sat Dec-18-21 11:33 AM
When cinephile critics try to over analyze movies for what THEY want their movies to be or their taste vs what is actually given as a final product and what the intention of the studio/director/creatives were is hilarious to me every time. Holland is the best version of Spidey ever because he acts and is presented the same exact way as the comics were intended. The balance of coming of age/popcorn comic book movie has been done PERFECTLY.

He says it in the beginning of his review where Toby and Andrew were too old. Not believable. So did these better actors ACT their ass off as teenagers? LOL NO they didnt. We don't need Holland to be an amazing actor, the same way we dont need any of these actors to be amazing at acting in these Marvel movies. This isn't the Godfather or Citizen Kane. This is a popcorn flick. What Fiege has done best is combine a popcorn flick but still have heart. The acting has never been great in any of the movies so lets stop pretending they have been AND that they NEED to be.

Critics need to stop reviewing these types of movies with the same mindset they would when they go watch a typical "oscar worthy" film.