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Topic subjectSeason Finale - dope!
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742267, Season Finale - dope!
Posted by soulfunk, Wed Oct-06-21 08:50 AM
It was a bit predictable at this point, but the execution was GREAT. Specifically I loved the Chekhov's gun of Zola - by this time in the finale when he came into play I'd totally forgotten about him. And you know that pocket universe with the trapped Killmonger is going to be a thing later.

I'm definitely left with questions that I hope are explored in season 2. I guess the biggest is with Uatu, and his oath. I'm sure some of these answers may be in the comics, but I'd like to see how this happens in the MCU. This last episode was What if The Watcher Broke His Oath...he held that oath throughout the entire season and then broke it, so...

* What are the repercussions of Oatu breaking his oath?
* Who does he work for, and who was the oath made to?
* How does the oath work, and what does he have control over? He intervened in pulling the Guardians of the Multiverse together, but didn't intervene within their actions directly - the key to everything at the beginning was Black Widow finding the file on Zola, and he was begging her behind the scenes to find it, but didn't intervene to help (even after he'd made the decision to break his oath for the Zola idea to work.) He also didn't intervene to help in the fight once all the heroes were brought together (though he didn't need to, he'd already foreseen how it would work out.) Then at the end, he placed all the heroes back in there own universe - "clipping all the branches" similar to Steve, but he placed Black Widow into a new universe. Wouldn't that also be seen as intervening with ongoing repercussions?

Something completely separate that's also on my mind is the idea of multiverse as a fictional device. It never makes sense to me to have parallel universes that are mostly the same but slightly different, just because of butterfly effect. To me there are two ways that parallel universes make sense - either with them being EXACTLY the same (same people, same events, same timeline, same decisions) with everything being locked in and no possible changes from each other, or with them being COMPLETELY different - none of the same people, events, etc. because of the butterfly effect and how one change ends up changing everything.