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Topic subjectI really don’t get this at all…
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742046, I really don’t get this at all…
Posted by soulfunk, Sun Sep-05-21 03:01 PM
>This is coming from someone would didn't watch
>any Marvel TV shows prior to Wandavision and was very unhappy
>to hear about the MCU putting out TV shows that fit into the
>MCU proper.

If you don’t want to watch a show because it doesn’t interest you, then don’t watch it. You won’t be missing out on anything if you want to stick to the movies - Marvel and Disney know better than to confuse audiences who haven’t watched every TV show by making a movie plot that doesn’t make sense outside of the movies. For those who’ve watched related shows there will just be additional context and background. There were entire films in the MCU that I originally skipped just because I wasn’t that interested and never watched until after Endgame, and I still understood everything just fine. No need to feel like “damn, now they are giving me homework to watch xyz so I’m up to speed.”

Everything isn’t for everyone.The benefit of these shows is that they should be able to take risks that they can’t in cinematic film releases. I guess for me as a longtime Star Wars fan I’m used to a franchise having tons of content outside of the main films that add context, develop background characters, give hints to upcoming themes, etc.