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Topic subjectI’m not in love with it the way I thought I would be
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742028, I’m not in love with it the way I thought I would be
Posted by pretentious username, Wed Sep-01-21 04:11 PM
I think the animation is a little off for me too, but I also just feel disconnected from the premises for the most part. For instance, “What if Peggy Carter took the super soldier serum?” is a pretty boring premise to lead off with, and made me less excited for the subsequent episodes. I’d rather see something like “What if Spidey joined the Avengers the first time it was offered?” Maybe that’s coming, idk, but after that first ep I haven’t been excited to see the next one every Wednesday (the way I was with Loki). my anticipation was through the roof before the season, and now it’s just something I get around to a couple days later.

Haven’t seen the most recent one, but I didn’t really enjoy the 1st or 3rd episodes. Starlord T’Challa ep was pretty good, but didn’t blow me away or anything, and I kinda agree on the pacing. The emotion of the T’Challa-Yondu relationship doesn’t have time to make an impression in just 30 minutes. Killing off Avengers left and right was also done too quickly to make an impact in the 3rd ep. I’m honesty having trouble recalling the plot points as I write this, and I think that pacing issue is the culprit.