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741934, RE: Episode #1
Posted by Voodoochilde, Thu Aug-19-21 06:40 AM
Great start. Animation is amazing. DIG THE HECK outta Peggy Carter superhero (made me want a 'real life' version of this character staring Hayley Atwell)

Peggy in action kicked ass, all of her scenes done so well. had me cheerin for her.

my only significant issue with this Ep was, as many have already said, the pacing...felt wayy too fast...wished they had taken more time/care with that part....maybe stretched it out a bit.

all in all though, between this and the 2nd ep...i'd put my cards on the table and say i already like this better than the other 3 Recent* Marvel TV shows.

*Recent shows being Wanda/Falcon/Loki....(NOT including 'Legion', 'Jessica Jones' and a few of the other Netflix Shows which i still love 2death)

have you listened to
her stuff?


RIP David Williams: