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Topic subjectThe Fear Street series (Netflix, 2021)
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741554, The Fear Street series (Netflix, 2021)
Posted by Options, Fri Jul-02-21 07:34 PM
I was intrigued by the format they're going with (an interconnected series told across three parts, each set in a different year/era), so I decided to check it out even though slasher flicks aren't my thing.

Part 1: 1994
They're obviously leaning HARD into the nostalgia angle. Right from the jump there's basically a rapid-fire playlist of grunge-era MTV hits. IMO, *ish got annoying fast; I almost jumped ship before the story even began.

So I started off sour on it, but once things get going and the characters are fleshed out more, it was decent enough and I actually cared a little bit by the end. Some of the crucial scenes regarding the backbone of the plot were murky and could've been presented better, I think, but I wasn't confused by anything. It seemed to be kinda light on kills, so when things really started getting real toward the end, it was a bit of a surprise. again, I'm not a horror fan, so I'm not sure how closely this follows genre tropes.

I didn't love it, but I'll probably give Part II a go — I'll just mute the first few minutes while they Suicide Squad an entire NOW! album into the soundtrack.

One more thing: despite the flurry of references and me being practically the same age as the protagonists in 1994, I felt almost NO nostalgia from this at all. all except for the cheerleader, Kate, who reminded me of a major high school crush I could've got with if I'd played my cards right... *sigh*