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Topic subjectI disagree with this **Heavy Spoiler**
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741560, I disagree with this **Heavy Spoiler**
Posted by Mynoriti, Sun Jul-04-21 04:13 PM
again... for anyone scrolling


>One twist too many, IMO.

>I was cool with the twist. But the twist twist just seemed like >unnecessary string pulling.

I saw it as more of in interesting moral dilemma, and a layer to characters rather than just an attempt at heartstrings.

Could she have just let this ride? They had their perp. Could she have just gone to Lori first? As sloppy as the planting drugs thing was, we just saw she's not above coloring outside the lines when it comes to protecting your family

I guess there's a risk of the kid someday talking, but I'm not convinced that's why she did it. Aside from just the solving the case part, the cynic in me even thinks there's an element of her thinking I lost my son, why should i stick my neck out to protect yours?

Character wise it now made more sense why Lori was willing to go along with the big lie, than just some protect the family/stand by your man shit, as well as why she would even agree to raise the baby.
For John(?) who obviously was terrible for getting with Erin, in the first place, he was willing to go down as her murderer to protect his boy.