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Topic subjectThe pros and cons are about equal.
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742254, The pros and cons are about equal.
Posted by JFrost1117, Sat Oct-02-21 10:02 PM
Kinda cheesy, kinda fun. Definitely an improvement on filming the action, possibly because it’s black vs. red and not black vs. dark grey. Venom looks a lot better and Carnage looks as comics-accurate as Spider-Man ever has. Venom being antsy about not being able to eat people was annoying. Naomi’s non-British accent was just as annoying. To be nitpicky, the wig work was hilarious. I just don’t like seeing Woody with hair. He looks way less goofy as a bald man.

Post credits scene: I can’t wait for No Way Home! One of the best stingers not related to Infinity War/Endgame.