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Topic subjectVenom: Let There Be Carnage (Andy Serkis, 2021)
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741359, Venom: Let There Be Carnage (Andy Serkis, 2021)
Posted by bwood, Mon May-10-21 09:25 AM
The first was dogshit so I'm not expecting much from this one either.

741361, It's whatever, I'm just here for the Eddie/Venom odd couple
Posted by Cold Truth, Tue May-11-21 11:40 AM
Because that's about as much fun as anything in genre. I'd love a great movie behind it, but I don't really expect it, or even care, as long as we get a good dose of Eddie and Venom's odd couple dynamic.
741363, ^^^^^^^
Posted by pretentious username, Tue May-11-21 01:06 PM
>Because that's about as much fun as anything in genre. I'd
>love a great movie behind it, but I don't really expect it, or
>even care, as long as we get a good dose of Eddie and Venom's
>odd couple dynamic.

the movie as a whole will probably be terrible, but as long as there's some fun action and Hardy can keep up that schtick, I'm in.

There better be an Eminem song that explains the plot though lol.
741362, I dunno, man. This doesn't really get me hyped
Posted by mrhood75, Tue May-11-21 11:48 AM
I like obviously like Hardy, Harrelson, and Harris al lot, and I'm intrigued by the idea of Serkis directing. But I'm still really wary of this.

Part of my wariness comes from the fact that I HATED this period of the Spider-Man comics. So I'm having a hard time believing that they can generate a good movie out of it.
741379, Here's why I'm not into this movie yet
Posted by BigWorm, Wed May-19-21 07:59 AM
I'll probably watch it, but my problem is this:

The reason I liked the original Carnage story arc was that it put a superhero with strict morals (Spidey) against one with warped morals (Venom) and one with no morals (Carnage). Spiderman is what grounded it all. It was an ultimate "enemy of my enemy..." story.

Take Spidey out of the equation and it doesn't feel much more exciting than that final CGI battle at the end of the first Venom.

Couple that with the fact that Venom is more like Brock's wacky roommate and not a menacing force of hatred, and really the only thing I'm interested in is how much Harrelson's going to ham it up.

I still kind of think that the only reason the first Venom was a hit was that it wasn't Spiderman 3. If we hadn't already gotten a taste of just how bad Hollywood can fumble that character, Venom would have tanked hard. It's not a good movie.
741382, I think Eddie trying to tame Venom's worst instincts works
Posted by Cold Truth, Wed May-19-21 05:59 PM
I.E, if we see Venom develop a better sense of morality of its own by the end, then I think that would suffice.

The real issue I have here is, it's Sony.

Sony sucks and can't get out of their own way with these films.

Venom was saved by Hardy and the fun of his Venom interactions, but that movie was still a hair above dog shit even with that bit of magic.

They're just not good at this genre, or much of anything at all outside of Into The Multiverse, and the FANTASTIC Mitchells vs The Machines. Equalizer has been a solid franchise. But overall, Sony sucks at making good movies. By and large, their best work requires you to make serious concessions in light of a saving grace here and there.

Because there are ways to make this a compelling film- particularly given the presence of a certain detective that should give us another badass symbiote- but Sony absolutely WILL fuck this up.

This will be paint by numbers, and not in the winning formula way, but in that mediocre, disregard shit that makes people really connect in ways that matter just because we already got this one thing that they'll all like anyways, sort of way.

741400, RE: Venom: Let There Be Carnage (Andy Serkis, 2021)
Posted by xangeluvr, Tue May-25-21 11:30 PM
Want that Carnage in the last movie?
742254, The pros and cons are about equal.
Posted by JFrost1117, Sat Oct-02-21 10:02 PM
Kinda cheesy, kinda fun. Definitely an improvement on filming the action, possibly because it’s black vs. red and not black vs. dark grey. Venom looks a lot better and Carnage looks as comics-accurate as Spider-Man ever has. Venom being antsy about not being able to eat people was annoying. Naomi’s non-British accent was just as annoying. To be nitpicky, the wig work was hilarious. I just don’t like seeing Woody with hair. He looks way less goofy as a bald man.

Post credits scene: I can’t wait for No Way Home! One of the best stingers not related to Infinity War/Endgame.
742953, Agreed on all accounts
Posted by pretentious username, Sat Dec-18-21 01:40 PM
Oddly enough I think it was too short??? There was just something missing in the Cletus/Eddie connection that could’ve made the final fight feel like it had more stakes. I know they were mostly going for comedy with this one, but still. Overall though, this was enjoyable enough. About on par with the first one, though I think that one was a little more fun. I got a real kick out of the “do we love or hate Dan?” parts and I still love the Eddie/Venom odd couple routine. That will be REALLY fun if they get Spidey reacting to it too.

If I can nitpick about a couple things:

1) We were told that Venom living in Eddie’s body was slowly killing him last movie. Is that not the case anymore? If so, why?
2) Superpowers w/o the symbiote have not been a thing yet in this universe, so I was hoping for an explanation on where Shriek’s powers came from. Did I miss something?

>Post credits scene: I can’t wait for No Way Home! One of the
>best stingers not related to Infinity War/Endgame.

I popped for this. Glad I watched a couple days before going to see Spidey.