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Topic subject"Wellington Paranormal" Waititi/Clements coming to US!
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741324, "Wellington Paranormal" Waititi/Clements coming to US!
Posted by Voodoochilde, Fri Apr-30-21 10:36 PM
'What We Do In the Shadows' Spinoff, 'Wellington Paranormal,' Coming to HBO Max, The CW in July....

Im a HUGE fan of EVERYTHING ive seen from the New Zealand crew (ALL of Taikas movies, Flight Of The Conchords, What We Do In The Shadows Movie AND TV show, Thor Ragnarok, heck i even started watchin episodes of Clementss childrens show Kiri and Lou and i'll be damned if it didnt charm the heck outta me to! :)
anywayz...im psyched that this 'Wellington Paranormal' is finally gonna be able to be seen over here in the states in July!....


have you listened to
her stuff?


RIP David Williams: