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Topic subjectFolks Are Debating Snowfall vs The Wire, Star of Both Weighs In (via Shadow and Act)
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741227, Folks Are Debating Snowfall vs The Wire, Star of Both Weighs In (via Shadow and Act)
Posted by LastTimeIChecked, Wed Apr-21-21 12:37 PM
Interesting takes from Cheo Hodari Coker and Michael Hyatt (Brianna Barksdale and Cece Saint)
"In 2002, The Wire waltzed into our lives was lauded by its realistic portrayal of Baltimore’s streets. Through the lenses of its abusers, law enforcement and the brokers of narcotics, the crime series quickly became a hit. Six years later, fans would bid adieu to the series, tucking the project EIN their hearts.

Viewers welcomed Snowfall in 2017. The story of Franklin Saint, who desires to become a powerhouse, is met with the greed of overzealous takers who want what he has.

Arguably, each show has existed in its own right. However, with Snowfall continuing to establish itself as an iconic show in its own right with its fourth season, the debate of The Wire vs. Snowfall has transpired."

741229, There shouldn't be a comparison
Posted by JiggysMyDayJob, Wed Apr-21-21 01:20 PM
Shows a different on so many levels. The Wire was more realistic glimpse into the world of dealers, users, law enforcement, and politics.
Snowfall is so fictionalized with some of those same elements, to the point that even though some of these things may have happened you still have a huge suspension of disbelief. Where as The Wire you didn't have to make it as huge.

I would rather compare Snowfall with something like Power if it were me.
741231, There's no debate. None
Posted by Mynoriti, Wed Apr-21-21 06:54 PM
I love Snowfall, but if Snowfall becomes twice as it is now by the time its over, it might be half as good as The Wire.
741251, Hell to the no. Not even close.
Posted by Sofian_Hadi, Fri Apr-23-21 07:14 AM
741264, why this endless need to rank & compare shit? its hella corny
Posted by Damali, Fri Apr-23-21 03:36 PM

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