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Topic subjectExterminate All the Brutes (2021, HBO Max, R. Peck)
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741150, Exterminate All the Brutes (2021, HBO Max, R. Peck)
Posted by Doomdata21, Tue Apr-13-21 01:10 PM
So I'm not stranger to this type of content but, like his previous work, Peck has a way of framing the subject of race and it's affects on those oppressed by it in such an enthralling way. I think it's a very strong attempt to colorize the ripples that the systematic destruction of different peoples can have on the broader society. I'm surprised that folks on here haven't commented so I figured I'd encourage more views.

It's 4 parts so hunker down with it. I'm really curious how Josh Hartnett got tied into being the white supremacist everyman.