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741350, Exactly my summary
Posted by obsidianchrysalis, Thu May-06-21 07:04 PM
The first half was really good. I thought it jumped off the rails when 'Frankie' forgot to get the passports. *so, you're smart enough to know to get the hell away, but you don't remember to pack passports? really?*

I know I was supposed to pull for her, but I wanted Dinklage to kill her. Granted the bad guy was a human trafficker but I thought there was nothing redeeming about Pike's character. When she escaped, I didn't have much motivation to root for her.

Then there was the revenge plan. Which may have made sense, but when would they have had time to set all of this up. And two, how did Frankie get those bodies in and out of the SUV? The one dude had to be at least 270 pounds. If Frankie weighed 140, that's being generous.

The first twist between Dinklage and Pike was interesting. I don't know if it made up for the poor writing up until then, but I didn't mind it.

The final twist was just stupid. My sister said, so, Pike's karma comes back to her but the human trafficker gets to live??

But the performances were great all around. Kind of wished this movie had better oversight because there was a good idea in there.