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Topic subjectThere's a good movie in here somewhere (spoilers)
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740894, There's a good movie in here somewhere (spoilers)
Posted by Mynoriti, Tue Mar-09-21 09:24 PM
but it didn't work for me.

The premise was cool. Wiest was great but under used.

it was kinda great how Pike was this hyper competitive psycho who wouldn't rattle, but there's a difference between having an extreme alpha personality and her ability to somehow turn into Rambo and start taking out Russian mobsters lol.
Also they seem at some point they want us to at least get behind her on some level like in a "she's awful but you can't help but kinda like her" sort of way, but all i ever wanted was her to die a violent death.

Once she got away, i knew she'd get got by the guy from the beginning.

it's mainly talented actors working with shitty writing.