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Topic subjectI Care a Lot (Blakeson, 2021, Netflix)
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740798, I Care a Lot (Blakeson, 2021, Netflix)
Posted by Reeq, Mon Feb-22-21 07:24 AM

pretty fresh/intriguing premise.

rosamund pike, peter dinklage, and dianne wiest all do their thing.

isaiah sheeeeit whitlock getting some work here too.

740800, All the actors were fine, but I couldn’t get into it...
Posted by natenate101, Mon Feb-22-21 10:52 AM
because everyone is so unlikable. No redeeming value to any of the characters. Was well made and well, but yeah. Was disappointing for me based on the folks involved.
740806, Wasted a solid premise...
Posted by CyrenYoung, Mon Feb-22-21 01:25 PM
..with horrible writing and execution.

*skatin' the rings of saturn*

..and miles to go before i sleep...
740811, 3rd act fell all the way apart.....
Posted by blueeclipse, Mon Feb-22-21 06:32 PM
I was feeling this movie hard until Rosamund Pike somehow got away....I mean come on man. They had these trained killers looking like some keystone cops. It all was just a little too contrived.
740827, [(Better Call Saul + Breaking Bad S4) x '30s pulp] + heaping trash
Posted by Nodima, Fri Feb-26-21 09:06 AM
That sequence from the interrogation until the apartment explosion was when I realized exactly what this was, basic pageturner for the algorithm that'll have audiences going "OMG what is happening!!" every 5 minutes.

This movie is for stupid people and that's fine.

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740843, out of all the pathetically awful things about this waste of time
Posted by HecticHavoc, Sat Feb-27-21 01:28 PM
is the score. felt like Laser Tag Facility music.

740894, There's a good movie in here somewhere (spoilers)
Posted by Mynoriti, Tue Mar-09-21 09:24 PM
but it didn't work for me.

The premise was cool. Wiest was great but under used.

it was kinda great how Pike was this hyper competitive psycho who wouldn't rattle, but there's a difference between having an extreme alpha personality and her ability to somehow turn into Rambo and start taking out Russian mobsters lol.
Also they seem at some point they want us to at least get behind her on some level like in a "she's awful but you can't help but kinda like her" sort of way, but all i ever wanted was her to die a violent death.

Once she got away, i knew she'd get got by the guy from the beginning.

it's mainly talented actors working with shitty writing.

741350, Exactly my summary
Posted by obsidianchrysalis, Thu May-06-21 07:04 PM
The first half was really good. I thought it jumped off the rails when 'Frankie' forgot to get the passports. *so, you're smart enough to know to get the hell away, but you don't remember to pack passports? really?*

I know I was supposed to pull for her, but I wanted Dinklage to kill her. Granted the bad guy was a human trafficker but I thought there was nothing redeeming about Pike's character. When she escaped, I didn't have much motivation to root for her.

Then there was the revenge plan. Which may have made sense, but when would they have had time to set all of this up. And two, how did Frankie get those bodies in and out of the SUV? The one dude had to be at least 270 pounds. If Frankie weighed 140, that's being generous.

The first twist between Dinklage and Pike was interesting. I don't know if it made up for the poor writing up until then, but I didn't mind it.

The final twist was just stupid. My sister said, so, Pike's karma comes back to her but the human trafficker gets to live??

But the performances were great all around. Kind of wished this movie had better oversight because there was a good idea in there.
741354, someone said this movie feels like an AI made it
Posted by Mynoriti, Fri May-07-21 11:56 AM
no one it it seems like an actual person. there are characters, and they do things, but no one is quite human

i guess you can argue that the lack of humanity is kinda the point. a heightened reality as a criticism of capitalism, but i don't think it quite works.
741356, RE:
Posted by obsidianchrysalis, Fri May-07-21 05:59 PM
>i guess you can argue that the lack of humanity is kinda the
>point. a heightened reality as a criticism of capitalism, but
>i don't think it quite works.

I agree. Whatever commentary on modern-day culture this movie was incidental. If the commentary was intentional, the crafting of it needed more time in the oven...as did the rest of the script.

The more I think about the movie, the less it holds up. I think your take that the movie is the output of an algorithm makes perfect sense. The movie was engaging enough to hold my attention, like the algorithm like, but the universe isn't anything I would want to revisit, a common complaint of movies built only to get money.