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Topic subjectAmerican Gods (Season Three on Starz)
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740601, American Gods (Season Three on Starz)
Posted by Numba_33, Fri Feb-05-21 09:51 AM
Are folks still watching? Given how the show pretty much threw away Orlando Jones, the racial and gender switch for Mr. World felt weird for the two or three episodes it occured. I don't remember the book doing that with the character.

I do wonder how the storyline with Biliquis will go down since it appears the TV show is diverging a little bit from the book if memory serves me correct.

For all of the insane drama that went down behind the scenes for this show, it is pretty decent. Not perfect and not without it's flaws, but the storytelling has been decent this season so far.
740610, Eh! I can take it or leave it. Season 1 was the best for me.
Posted by SuiteLady, Fri Feb-05-21 10:10 PM