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Topic subjectIn & Of Itself (Oz, Hulu, 2021)
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740493, In & Of Itself (Oz, Hulu, 2021)
Posted by Nodima, Mon Jan-25-21 08:40 AM
It's really easy to get skeptical of hyperbole, or filmed magic shows, and this show does things that could be really difficult to buy into for a skeptical mind. I've mostly found it true that hearing over and over again how "magical" something is can end up dulling its impact once you finally get to experience it for yourself...which leaves me kind of enthralled by how effortlessly this film skirts all of that. It contains two audience interactions that require a complete suspension of belief to even comprehend...but the magician, Derek DelGaudio, managed to help me past all that with his storytelling and acting.

I can tell this isn't something that's going to work for everyone, but I've been having trouble sleeping lately and decided to throw this on at a whim 6AM on a Monday, gambling whether I'd nod off to it or get through it all and immediately scramble back to the podcast I'd cut off halfway through because it was leading into an interview with a guy I'd never heard of about a movie I didn't think I'd ever take the time to watch. Turned out, I got manipulated in all the right ways, reduced to soft tears a handful of times just like the audience, and finding myself completely disinterested in how any of it was pulled off.

I'd love to see a little conversation around this thing here, but I wouldn't be surprised at all if this one's a flop. I'm almost equally curious if it's possible to have a mid take on it. I know this'll linger with me for a while though.

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