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Topic subjectGodzilla vs. Kong (Adam Winguard, 2021)
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740484, Godzilla vs. Kong (Adam Winguard, 2021)
Posted by bwood, Sun Jan-24-21 01:31 PM
Hope this shit is good.

But considering how the previous movies are in this franchise (especially King of the Monsters), that's a very small chance.

740485, they aint gotta do much to keep me satisfied.
Posted by Reeq, Sun Jan-24-21 04:34 PM
just less bubble gum human storyline and more monsters swangin and bangin.
740486, Praying it's like that
Posted by bwood, Sun Jan-24-21 05:05 PM
Especially after all that garbage human drama in King of the Monsters.
740491, Doubtful. They kept Millie Bobby Brown, and added the kid from Deadpool 2.
Posted by Cold Truth, Mon Jan-25-21 01:51 AM
I expect much higher highs, but equally low lows.

Half of this will suck.

I'm just here for the other half.
740492, I’m not gonna poke holes. I just want big, stupid fun.
Posted by JFrost1117, Mon Jan-25-21 03:08 AM
740499, Kong on PEDs? And he got an axe?
Posted by Castro, Tue Jan-26-21 08:40 AM
I hope the MechaGodzilla thing is true.
740521, I seem to recall it being said in Skull Island that he was a kid
Posted by Cold Truth, Thu Jan-28-21 07:31 PM
I have to rewatch, because I could very well be making this up subconciously, lmao.

But I do recall it being said that he was quite young and still growing.

Even if that's not the case, I'm good with just rolling with a growth spurt. It's the least fantastical notion of any of the three movies that preceded it, so I'm good with it.

Far as the axe, I've heard a good theory:

Everything we're seeing is confined to the first half of the film. At some point, Kong rips off one of GZ's fins, and somehow makes the axe from that.

I loved the axe too.

Kong with a weapon? An axe at that? Sign me up.

If I'd have seen that on paper, I'd have been all in.
740559, Skull Island was set in the 70’s and they said he was adolescent.
Posted by JFrost1117, Tue Feb-02-21 02:27 PM
So, it makes sense that he’d be huge from then to now.

A recap video said the axe is fashioned from one of Godzilla’s back spikes, that’s why it can absorb the atomic breath.
740560, lol Kong been in the gym
Posted by Roadblock, Tue Feb-02-21 03:59 PM
740562, I think we are use to Kong being smaller from his previous movies
Posted by calij81, Tue Feb-02-21 04:01 PM
Since in previous movies he has always scaled the Empire Stats building but in this one he is bigger than the entire building.
740565, A 1200 foot tall ape? Muhphuckas talking to him without a bullhorn
Posted by Castro, Tue Feb-02-21 10:50 PM
like he can hear your human scale voice.
740566, I just watched King of the Monsters and I swear if that Mother survived
Posted by Castro, Tue Feb-02-21 10:50 PM
741054, Rewatched the MonsterVerse thus far and I'm ready
Posted by bwood, Tue Mar-30-21 06:20 PM
Taking my godkids tomorrow
741058, *Spoiler alert*
Posted by Reeq, Wed Mar-31-21 07:05 AM
*please respect the policy*

with spaceships nshit.

we aint even gonna get into the physics and how quickly/easily kong went back and forth between the hollow earth and the surface.

it was still cool i guess. just a lil bit unnecessarily convoluted tho.
741062, RE: i wasnt expecting spoilers in th e headers of this thread
Posted by Cold Truth, Wed Mar-31-21 11:10 AM
Or another, much more specific spoiler in the very first word of said post.

741065, Exactly what I wanted.
Posted by bwood, Wed Mar-31-21 07:25 PM
Take out the bad needle drops and Mille's character (Kyle's role has been greatly reduced), thia shit was awesome!

You know your movie works when grown adults and children are having visceral, auditable reactions to the fights.

My godkids had a blast with their first time in a theater.
741068, Whoa. This was kooky.
Posted by stylez dainty, Wed Mar-31-21 11:51 PM
I missed the more majestic cinematography of the last two Godzilla movies, but overall, this was served well by how much it leaned into the silliness. It wasn't trying to be an apocalypse movie, or even a disaster movie. It was a monster fight.

I thought it was a great choice how they made Hong Kong feel so much like a miniature city from the classic Godzilla movies. I didn't realize how tired I was of "fun" blockbuster movies taking cues from 9/11 for their scenes of city destruction.

If this is a big enough hit to create a sequel, it's fun to think how nutty they'll have to go to escalate things from this one.

Also, man it was funny how quickly the humans decide on some nonsensical solution to a problem that works EXACTLY as planned. I mean, all modern action blockbuster tend to have these moments, but they cranked it to 11 here.
741070, This was dumb fun and I loved it
Posted by JiggysMyDayJob, Thu Apr-01-21 04:02 PM
Sad it took three films to build up to this and the first Godzilla's tone didn't help to shape this universe. But this was fun and all the call backs to the old Zilla films were spot on.

But shout out to Demián Bichir, chewing up the scenery like he did in Machete Kills. I loved every minute he was on screen.

My only complain is 11's screaming ass, was that character or Kyle Chandler's really even needed in this film?

741074, RE: This was dumb fun and I loved it
Posted by Castro, Thu Apr-01-21 08:19 PM
It was hilarious to me that they were in this film when it was clearly written so that they didn't matter. Had to be contractual. LOL
741075, aesthetically, it was enjoyable.
Posted by shygurl, Fri Apr-02-21 01:13 AM
The neon lights usage was extreme, but very pleasing.

Plots and dialogue were paper thin, but the fights were decent.

Have to say at this point I think I'm watching these movies solely so I can get confirmation that godzilla and mothra are dating, and on that point it was a disappointment 😟.
741076, split the difference for me.
Posted by Nodima, Fri Apr-02-21 03:35 AM
First half is a lot to slog through because they went back to the Godzilla format of humans that exist solely as archetypes for exposition, but the second half brings enough of Skull Island's why the fuck not attitude to mostly salvage it.

Take away the Spy Kids portion of this, drop the other little girl (and one of either Skarsgaard or Hall, don't really care who) and I probably come away loving this. I bet 11 year old me is out there begging to watch this movie over and over.

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741081, this ni&&a kong really drank some Monsta Energy juice straight from
Posted by poetx, Fri Apr-02-21 09:49 PM
the source.

peace & blessings,



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741085, First of these to go for the weirdness of the O.G. Godzilla sequels
Posted by mrhood75, Sun Apr-04-21 02:01 PM

Those Toho Godzilla flicks had flying saucers, bizarre planets, massive underground laboratories, hidden islands, etc. And this was the first movie to embrace all of it without worrying about how realistic it was.

Great action. Great visuals. Might actually go and re-watch this in a drive-in just to get the scope.

Human characters were all but completely useless. Only Paperboi was given anything to do. Or did anything memorable. Though I guess Damian Bechir getting killed was kind of interesting.
741086, I disagree slightly on the humans, depending on definitions
Posted by Cold Truth, Sun Apr-04-21 04:54 PM

I wouldn't call them useless, so much as appropriately relegated to supporting roles. I thought the Kong team served as solid guides on Kong's journey to become King, though I agree that the Godzilla team was largely useless.

My gripe regarding the humans here is... I don't like these Titans needing us to win their battles. I think that's another needless insertion of humans into their battle.

But in general, they did a good job of making the humans secondary characters this time around.
741087, All in on all of this. This was fantastic. very balanced. I need three more. at least.
Posted by Cold Truth, Sun Apr-04-21 05:18 PM

The hollow earth shit had my rolling my eyes at first. But ten seconds in, I felt a genuine sense of wonderment. I wanted to know what this was and where they were going. And what we got was genuine character development for Kong. He got a true-blue Heroes Journey, and I'm here for it. They even gave him his own Excalibur.

We also got a glimpse into King's intelligence, which is not insignificant. Ditto Godzilla, because he was hunting down Apex facilities that were working on his demise.

And their fight was every bit the spectacle I'd hoped for. Kong was out there doing Superman punches off of buildings, but he was seriously overmatched with Godzilla's abilities. My guy lost- but I love that they gave us a true winner in that fight. GZ got him- but let up once it was clear he won.

Again: this is all true-blue hero shit. They had their lil beef, but GZ wasn't trying to kill him.

And Mechagodzilla was the goddamned truth. I expected a fight, but nope- GZ got fucking WASHED. Without Kong, he's fucking dead..and also is Kong. And that teamup fucking delivered, right down to GZ charging up Kong's axe. They built both a genuine chemistry and rivalry here.

The humans were whatever. They had a lot of screen time, but for once they felt like they were secondary characters, just there to support the big dogs. I don't care about them, or anything they did. They could be better, but they weren't a detriment here. Skarsgard was unexpectedly quirky and he added some levity to this. The comedy beats worked for the most part, and they didn't overdo it. The kid from Deadpool hadson to exist, but at least they didn't make him one of the grating Bayformers sidekicks.

By and large the main attractions got the appropriate shine here, and we got some serious world-building.

This was well-placed, well-balanced, and well done. The next joint just needs to hold court with this one, and it'll open like a Marvel film
741088, yeah. enjoyed this one a lot.
Posted by will_5198, Sun Apr-04-21 06:14 PM
I'm not sure what else people expect from Godzilla versus King Kong besides awesome set pieces that get you invested. which is this movie delivered in every fight scene. I wish I went to see it in a theater.
741090, This one was almost there. Just needs a little less humans...
Posted by soulfunk, Mon Apr-05-21 09:32 AM
You can tell they are leaning into the fact that we don't care about the humans and likely cut out a decent amount of that content. They still had the challenge of structuring it with the humans split into "Team Godzilla" and "Team Kong" factions. But they could have still cut that down a bit by getting rid of a few characters...

Speaking of the factions, I find it interesting that the two sides never really met each other or interacted - so neither side ever knew the full story. Team Kong had to have been like wtf?!?! when they saw MechaGodzilla come out of nowhere. Team Godzilla on the other hand didn't know anything about Hollow Earth and the Kong homeworld...
741321, Rented out a theater to see this
Posted by spenzalii, Fri Apr-30-21 12:32 PM
Party of 20 could rent for $150 at AMC. This was the perfect movie for it too. Big, loud and dumb.