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Topic subjectCherry (The Russo Brothers, 2021)
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740437, Cherry (The Russo Brothers, 2021)
Posted by bwood, Thu Jan-21-21 11:09 AM
This shit is straight garbage.

Too long and way too stylized. This is semi-based on a true story and they decided to give it big music video energy. The story is interesting enough without stylized bullshit. Scorcese these guys aren't.

Tom Holland is really the only saving grace here. He deserves much better.

I agree with Demi Adwjuyigbe: https://letterboxd.com/demiadejuyigbe/film/cherry-2021/
740444, I noped out of the extended trailer/scene
Posted by navajo joe, Thu Jan-21-21 05:22 PM
a couple of weeks back specifically due to the hyperstylized bullshit.

740445, AppleTV+ might be the new Netflix
Posted by handle, Thu Jan-21-21 05:23 PM
Hiring big name director's to make mediocre or bad movies for full price.
740568, they make a lot of expensive shit nobody cares about.
Posted by Reeq, Wed Feb-03-21 04:44 AM
its worse than content being bad. bright on netflix was bad but a ton of people tuned in to watch it.

i never really see anyone discussing shit on apple+. people arent even thinking about it. youd figure theyd at least be able to make a dent in the streaming wars just based off the simple fact that they control so many of the devices that people watch content on, gave out a full year free trial, and have a dirt cheap monthly price.
740573, Ted Lasso has gotten some traction
Posted by navajo joe, Wed Feb-03-21 11:36 AM
I watched a few episodes of Dickinson before I decided to cancel my subscription until next season of Lasso.

I haven't even heard of anyone who has seen Tehran, Jason Mamoa Can't See, or any of their other stuff

740574, yeah lasso has done well and palmer (timberlake) is making noise.
Posted by Reeq, Wed Feb-03-21 01:44 PM
ive never heard of dickinson until you mentioned it.

i think apple lucked into ted lasso. its produced by warner bros and the character is under license from nbc/universal i believe. but for some reason it got passed over by both hbomax and peacock.
740579, it feels like an over extension to me.
Posted by Nodima, Wed Feb-03-21 05:24 PM
It would be like if Disney started a music streaming service or Sony started making cars. When I think of Apple, I already think of phones, laptops, desktops, watches, music and podcasts. I just don't anticipate them being any better at TV than anyone else but I can easily imagine them being worse.

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