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Topic subjectRE: he is without doubt, my favorite character in the books AND series.
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740609, RE: he is without doubt, my favorite character in the books AND series.
Posted by poetx, Fri Feb-05-21 09:24 PM
>>if you get a chance The Churn is the novella with his
>>backstory. it's not required but it kinda fleshes out his
>>character development. but he was abused when he was
>>powerless. did whatever to survive. knows he doesn't have a
>>fully functional moral compass, and therefore gravitates
>>toward people who do (who become the objects of his trust
>>loyalty, as you note).
>I've got a huge backlog of books piling up around me, so I
>doubt I'll get around to it, but your summary of his character
>development fits very well with what I've seen onscreen.
>Thanks for saving me the time, I guess!

lol. i was trying to do the opposite. joint is like 2.99 on nook. but it's a short read. i haven't re-read it, but watching the flashbacks and how erich was on the show, it 'felt' right.

>I really do like that the implants have a high cost associated
>with their use, helps to make it feel realistic instead of
>turning her into some kind of superhero.

that's one of the dope things about the books, and the show, i think. case in point, the flying around within the solar system. if they do a high g burn, even with the juice, they are at risk.

it's more typical of human technological advancement. first cars were dangerous af. we invented seatbelts and traffic lights an shit way later.

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