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Topic subjectRE: Amos is so well written+ Wes is so perfectly cast <--- this.
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740333, RE: Amos is so well written+ Wes is so perfectly cast <--- this.
Posted by poetx, Sun Jan-10-21 05:57 PM
>Just owns the screen anytime he’s on.

he really does. it is such a perfect incarnation of this character from book to screen. i love what he does with the role. he thinks he's a monster, but a lot of times he exhibits more humanity than anyone. and if there is an underdog in the frame he will do anything to protect them (to make up for the protection he did NOT get when he was a child being victimized and trafficked). and, he has zero fucks given, consistently, and will fuck you up if you are in his way or if you are threatening aforementioned underdogs.

>Last two episodes, a bit lower intensity, but both fantastic
>still. Only gripe is the earth scenes and storyline are quite
>small, underselling the scale of devastation. But I get it,
>budget is probably driving the choice to zoom in tightly into
>Amos and Peaches.

yep. in the books, i think it was about a third of the earth's population who was killed. like maybe 3 or 4 Bn people. the enormity of what marco has done, man.

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