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Topic subjecthe is without doubt, my favorite character in the books AND series.
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740332, he is without doubt, my favorite character in the books AND series.
Posted by poetx, Sun Jan-10-21 05:52 PM
>Partly because he's just a badass, but also because he's got
>this interesting loyalty vs. morality curve going on. Him
>lamenting how Holden wouldn't approve of their handling of
>that prepper guy was a nice touch.

it really was. i don't remember from the books if that was there, but it was a very nice touch.

if you get a chance The Churn is the novella with his backstory. it's not required but it kinda fleshes out his character development. but he was abused when he was powerless. did whatever to survive. knows he doesn't have a fully functional moral compass, and therefore gravitates toward people who do (who become the objects of his trust and loyalty, as you note).

he is such a refreshing character though. i loved the exposition about the difference between someone who is good, versus pretending to be good, with that being the best possible under the circumstances.

>Honestly I had to check the Wikis to figure out who Peaches
>was again (she was barely in the previous season and s03 has
>been a while), but they fit each other very well and I'm
>looking forward to them making their way back to the Rocinante

yep. clarissa mao. sister of julie mao (who is the tragic figure / first contact of the proto molecule, and core of the protomolecule's human persona when the asteroid eros became self aware and steered itself to venus. before creating the ring gates). clarissa was / is nuts. the 'good girl' to her rebellious sister, striving for daddy's affection (jules-pierre mao who is the kajillionaire who financed the whole protomolecule shit and intrigue that almost killed hte solar system the first time). she got the implants to go get revenge on holden an nem.

>Only thing that threw me off a little was the visualization of
>her kicking ass with hers mods active. Felt a bit "no time to
>stage a proper action scene, let's just do some blurry shit
>and keep it moving" to me. Easily forgiven considering the
>quality of the rest of the show, though. Can't wait for the
>next episode.

i kinda liked it. the blurry shit (as opposed to a slow motion) gave you a sense of the high intensity + short duration action of her mods. amos was like, 'is it always like this afterward' (when she was vomiting and weak and damn near passed out). and when she says yes, he comments, "shitty design". and she responds that she wasn't really thinking long term when she did it.

i really enjoyed the short, near future fiction discourse on the implications of body modification from the last couple of eps.

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