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Topic subjectI just like anything with Amos in it.
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740328, I just like anything with Amos in it.
Posted by Backbone, Sat Jan-09-21 03:16 PM
Partly because he's just a badass, but also because he's got this interesting loyalty vs. morality curve going on. Him lamenting how Holden wouldn't approve of their handling of that prepper guy was a nice touch.

Honestly I had to check the Wikis to figure out who Peaches was again (she was barely in the previous season and s03 has been a while), but they fit each other very well and I'm looking forward to them making their way back to the Rocinante somehow.

Only thing that threw me off a little was the visualization of her kicking ass with hers mods active. Felt a bit "no time to stage a proper action scene, let's just do some blurry shit and keep it moving" to me. Easily forgiven considering the quality of the rest of the show, though. Can't wait for the next episode.