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Topic subjectyeah. even from the books, the Ilus / Season 4 was a bit of a different
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740155, yeah. even from the books, the Ilus / Season 4 was a bit of a different
Posted by poetx, Mon Dec-21-20 06:06 PM
thing from the normal flow. it accomplished a lot, though, but it hit different. you saw the alien tech running.

you got a feel for the differences in human civilization that could result from 1300 new worlds. and also a confirmation that we gonna be ssdw with it (same shit, different world).

the shit that goes down THIS season is gonna be a gut punch. fuckin marcos, man.

>Seems to have picked up the pace a bit compared to Season 4
>(which looked great but kinda dragged after a while).
>I had no idea this Cas stuff happened. Makes it hard to enjoy
>his scenes now.

it really does. he was perfectly cast (acting wise) for that character. i haven't looked into it recently, but seems like the issues w/ him were from after being on the show (and the modicum of accompanying fame). smh. i have no idea how they will resolve it. maybe kill him off and replace him w/ bobbi? (who i love and who needs moar screen time).

glad it wasn't amos that fucked up, though.

peace & blessings,



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