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Topic subjectThe Spinner Rack (comic movies, movies, cultural etc.)
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739582, The Spinner Rack (comic movies, movies, cultural etc.)
Posted by c71, Wed Oct-07-20 03:33 PM
Hey, my brother Samuel and some friends do a youtube channel where they explore lot's of comic book and entertainment stuff (some cultural stuff).

If y'all are always looking for podcasts...eh...I know podcasts are mainly listening to talk, but....this is talk - just on youtube, okay?

They got YEARS of videos on youtube on the channel. This is just a recent selection here:

The History of the Three Jokers


Morbius Trailer Reaction Video


Suicide Squad's Idris Elba as Bloodsport


Lovecraft Country Review - Episodes 2 - 5


Warrior Nun Full Review - Back to the Vatican