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Topic subjecta few thoughts on some of these
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748149, a few thoughts on some of these
Posted by cgonz00cc, Sun May-21-23 02:51 PM

>- Episodes have largely been a slog.

i like the 45 min length. a lot of whats going on would get squeezed in a snappier format imo. 60min and above tho has dragged sometimes

>- They nerfed Roy bigtime.

ive quite enjoyed Roy's evolution as a human being

>- The Zava thing was pointless.

i think that is the point tbh

>- Everything going on with Keeley has been pretty mid, at
>best. Rebecca too, for that matter.

agreed on the keeley bits until the last few eps. the bit where jamie knocks on her door was pretty great tho.

and Rebecca is just in a good place I think. her major knots have been untied for the most part.

>- Nate did a world-class heel turn and then is straight back
>to being a good guy. What was the point?

he was never really that heel tho. hes kind of a mirror universe Ted.

>- The team's having after-school-special level discussions
>about photo leaks and shit. I guess it's not w/o some merit
>but it's *really* stale subject matter and just comes off
>cheesey af.

i took that episode to be about how things are only serious when they affect people close to you, and the flawed way of thinking that idea represents. might have been a clumsy way to go about it but i was willing to give them a lot of leeway there.

>- The stuff w/ Ted's ex and their marriage counselor is pretty
>extreme, yet hasn't been unpacked with any real weight. That's
>pretty damn wild for a show that has put mental health and
>ethical behavior front and center for the entirety of its

now this is pretty wild lol. that dude wouldve lost his license for that in most states, and Ted's wife is coming across like a major asshole. i havent watched ep 10 yet but those circumstances are pretty jarring to have them put front and center then just pushed aside

>I'm pretty sure I could keep going. But yeah. To me this feels
>like a show that became everyone's sentimental favorite,
>became successful, got creative carte blanche, and has become
>wildly indulgent ever since. It's pretty bad this year.

Maybe its because we already know this is the last season but ive had the opposite experience. I like that this season is the Teddest Ted to ever Ted.