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Topic subjectI mean the show has very few villiams (only Rupert really)
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748112, I mean the show has very few villiams (only Rupert really)
Posted by Buddy_Gilapagos, Wed May-17-23 11:58 AM
so I am not looking for a fall or anything like that.

I was disappointed that he would want to get with her in the first place but it does kind of make sense that he would want her like a trophy like the other trappings of success he has been pursuing that didn't make him happy.

I thought it was headed in the direction that she would disappoint him or prove to be as shallow as she has been shown to be so far but in the latest episode I saw, E9, it looks like they are trying to make her out to be a good influence on Nate and part of his redemption arc...which doesn't make sense to me because she's said like 10 words and she was introduced as a not great person in his life.

At the very least, she is a poorly drawn character.

A more well written description of what I am saying.


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