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Topic subjectIt's been mostly bad for me. They started feeling themselves a bit too much.
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748065, It's been mostly bad for me. They started feeling themselves a bit too much.
Posted by khn, Fri May-12-23 11:50 AM
*obvious spoilers*

- Episodes have largely been a slog.
- The comedy *really* ain't hitting for the most part.
- They nerfed Roy bigtime.
- The Zava thing was pointless.
- Everything going on with Keeley has been pretty mid, at best. Rebecca too, for that matter.
- Nate did a world-class heel turn and then is straight back to being a good guy. What was the point?
- The team's having after-school-special level discussions about photo leaks and shit. I guess it's not w/o some merit but it's *really* stale subject matter and just comes off cheesey af.
- The stuff w/ Ted's ex and their marriage counselor is pretty extreme, yet hasn't been unpacked with any real weight. That's pretty damn wild for a show that has put mental health and ethical behavior front and center for the entirety of its run.

I'm pretty sure I could keep going. But yeah. To me this feels like a show that became everyone's sentimental favorite, became successful, got creative carte blanche, and has become wildly indulgent ever since. It's pretty bad this year.

But the Jamie/Roy team-up has consistently delivered.