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Topic subjectOn Shudder, there's a Zoom horror movie called HOST.
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739319, On Shudder, there's a Zoom horror movie called HOST.
Posted by Frank Longo, Tue Aug-25-20 05:45 PM
It was made during the quarantine over Zoom, and it is fucking scary. Under an hour run time too. Highly recommended for anyone who digs horror and/or no-budget filmmaking.
739320, RE: On Shudder, there's a Zoom horror movie called HOST.
Posted by howisya, Tue Aug-25-20 06:44 PM
there's also a short film free on youtube called Zoom Cloud Hack - #91784 - The Tribe Murders. i haven't watched it yet.

739321, Side question: Shudder worth it?
Posted by stylez dainty, Tue Aug-25-20 07:11 PM
I love horror, but I also know there are only so many watchable horror movies out there.
739328, I'm probably not the best person to answer...
Posted by Frank Longo, Wed Aug-26-20 03:45 PM
... but there's a lotttt of good stuff on there. https://www.vulture.com/article/best-horror-movies-on-shudder-streaming.html

There's undoubtedly a lot of shit too, but that's true for any streaming service. Horror fans should strongly consider imo.
739333, Cool. Will prolly hit up that free trial.
Posted by stylez dainty, Wed Aug-26-20 09:43 PM
739375, RE: Side question: Shudder worth it?
Posted by amplifya7, Tue Sep-01-20 09:53 AM
You can search all the movies that are on their website without signing up - shudder.com
739377, thx this was a cool watch.
Posted by Reeq, Wed Sep-02-20 01:41 AM
739484, Should watch a movie called "The Den"
Posted by Sofian_Hadi, Thu Sep-17-20 01:19 PM
Came out in 2013 before the other "laptop found footage" movies. Really good

Also "Searching" with Jon Cho was really well made.
739554, Watched it last night off this post.
Posted by stankpalmer, Sat Oct-03-20 12:10 PM
The story was a little cheese for me at times, but the execution was REALLY REALLY good. Everything felt way more timely with us in shelter-in-place. Thanks for the rec!
739578, Yeah, Searching is fucking *terrific.*
Posted by Frank Longo, Wed Oct-07-20 12:57 AM
739583, I watched Blood Quantum the other night
Posted by pretentious username, Thu Oct-08-20 12:25 PM
Pretty original take on the zombie genre (takes place on a reservation where that tribe can’t get infected but they take in people that can), though it’s very slow getting going. They’re more concerned with character building for the first hour then get into the zombie action in the last third.
740090, Shudder is included with AMC+, which is 99c today on amazon
Posted by howisya, Tue Dec-15-20 06:04 PM
one-month deal for the subscription addon, last day