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Topic subjectI just finished Wraiths of the Broken Land.
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739270, I just finished Wraiths of the Broken Land.
Posted by Mgmt, Tue Aug-18-20 10:27 PM
I did not know he was racist. Although some of his characters are racist.

>You can tell he's a piece of shit from the movies he makes
>and the books he writes.
>That and being Dallas Sonnier's standard bearer for right-wing
>exploitation films.
>I generally don't have a principled issue w/ regressive cinema
>or even reactionary cinema of the past (see: The original
>'Death Wish') but in these days and times I don't truck with
>I hope he's in director's jail for abysmal last film ("Dragged
>Across Concrete" and the fact that Sonnier's company is in
>deep shit for covering up sexual assault. If Zahler never
>works again I'm all for it.
>Fuck him and fuck his movies.
>That said, Bone Tomahawk is the certainly best film he made
>mostly because it's not terrible in terms of craft for the
>first two acts before it devolves into his trademark
>relentless edgelord gorgy.
>One could say I have strong feelings about Zahler.