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Topic subjectI thought the final 2 seasons were the best yet
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740950, I thought the final 2 seasons were the best yet
Posted by 3xKrazy, Fri Mar-19-21 02:40 PM
I lost interest in this show in earlier seasons but glad I caught up on the final 2 which were entertaining af despite the occasional moments of goofiness that ive come to expect/accept from this show.

I think there was enough material to extend that final season by another episode or two. I wanted to see the fallout of the president being a total fuckup and their relationship with Pakistan, etc.

my one complaint is the Carrie chin quiver which was so cringey and pervasive that it kinda felt like they were trolling us with it. I can't imagine anyone involved with the show was like 'yeah that chin quiver is really great let's be sure to use that in every other scene'