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Topic subjectThe most consistent Drama show I’ve seen
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738716, The most consistent Drama show I’ve seen
Posted by Mgmt, Wed May-13-20 10:08 PM
>the recent seasons have kind of bounced back and forth
>between good and bad, but this final season was flames, and i
>feel like they stuck the landing flawlessly. This was
>Americans level execution imo.
>I didn't think Carrie would be redeemable after betraying Saul
>that way but by her standards she pulled the ultimate
>sacrifice. Betray everything she believes in, publicly turning
>herself into a Snowden type figure just to become Sauls' new
>I damn near gave up on this season by episode 2 when they
>snatched up Saul. I mean how many times has this guy been
>kidnapped? I'm glad i stuck it out.
>I went into this season watching Beau Bridges and thinking why
>can't we have a president like this guy? And then of course
>they replace him with an incompetent, he's probably more Dubya
>than Trump but even more inept than W. His buddy with his
>stupid beard reminded me of some no name alt right guy who
>might pop up on a Bill Maher episode.
>Overall this season was solid enough to even make me think
>they could keep going, but it's better off this way.
>Carrie has the ugliest cry on television, and this season was
>a bunch of almost crying moments.
>Frannie's better off
>Shot out to the Sopranos Russian
>Sad we didn't get a Dar sighting.