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Topic subjectThey needed someone they could control
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741148, They needed someone they could control
Posted by Beamer6178, Tue Apr-13-21 10:25 AM
>The one things that's been baffling me is how they just took
>a super regular ass dude and gave him the shield. Like no
>Stark/Shield tech at all. Just John Homegrown with a shield
>and a .45?

who better than a soldier who has been indoctrinated on apple pie? besides, they were reeling after Sam said no thanks and I suspect some of the forces behind that decision to name Walker will be revealed over the last couple eps.

>Not even an assault rifle. And gave him a regular ass dude as
>a sidekick? How did the U.S. Government NOT expect his ass to
>get mopped up on the regular. He doesn't even have like some
>howling commandos dudes following him around.
>Makes no sense. At all.
>Other than that though, loving the show.
>"To Each His Reach"
>Fuck aliens.