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Topic subjectI'm in this boat for the most part.
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741144, I'm in this boat for the most part.
Posted by Frank Longo, Mon Apr-12-21 11:56 PM
In addition to your complaints about logic being ditched here and there solely for narrative reasons, I also find it strange that the visuals feel so all over the place. Certain individual shots are incredible, and the occasional action beat really shines too... but then you have some action scenes cut to hell incomprehensibly, some shitty green screen, some low-rent cable TV looking dialogue scenes.

If it wasn't for the characters I know, I'd struggle to distinguish this from, say, most NBC hour-long action thriller TV shows.

... that said, I often watch and enjoy those shows, so I'll of course keep watching here, lol. Because the bits that work *really* work. But it's clear which of the moments they care about and which of the (many) moments are largely perfunctory.

It reminds me of when I saw Ludacris live fifteen years ago. He sleepwalked through the non-singles for the most part... but then when Southern Hospitality's beat came through the speakers, he'd fucking spring to life. I'm getting a similar vibe here.