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Topic subjectAnother opinion: This shit suck REAL BAD
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741121, Another opinion: This shit suck REAL BAD
Posted by handle, Fri Apr-09-21 10:12 PM
They are fighting each other with knives, and weapons and someone gets hit real bad so EVERYONE stops fighting??

Was it just a game?

Kharli murdered people with a car bomb. WTF would she or her crew hesitate like that?

Oh - to set up future plot points??

I mean if they kill Lemar then Cap murders them *in the room* without pausing and letting them run away. Then somehow a tape gets out - that make more sense.

This was just dumb and clunky they way the did it.

I hope it picks up right at the same spot and Sam and Bucky take the sheild from him.

All that said I'll keep watching because fuck it it's on TV and it's not as bad as say an episode of House.

Note:I do like Zemo now though - he's completely relatable in this show in a way he wasn't in the movie.