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Topic subjectYep. You know that’s coming.
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741025, Yep. You know that’s coming.
Posted by soulfunk, Sat Mar-27-21 02:03 PM
>The Isiah Bradley stuff was great and it looks like they're
>going to really get into race. That scene with Sam and Buck
>talking to the Psych, I felt like Sam wanted to say he didn't
>keep the shield because the world wouldn't accept a Black Cap
>and Isiah Bradley is proof of that.

One of the things I love about this feeling like a one movie vs. a regular TV show is the opportunity to take one large story arc and have the time to explore character motives/background like this. A large theme to this entire series seems to be Sam coming to terms with Cap passing the mantle to him. Showing his internal struggle and the reasons why he turned it down, along with fully proving that he is the one worthy of it. The racial dynamic definitely looms like it will be explored. They wouldn’t have time to do that in a movie besides a throwaway line that hints at it.

But here you have John Walker as the full in Cap - an all American white guy who has a Black sidekick, Black wife, even had a full HBCU style marching band. Add in Isaiah Bradley and how he was treated, the way Sam was treated at the bank and by the police, that therapist scene showing that Sam has some issues to work through separate from Bucky, and you can see this is really building to something for his character.