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741022, *daps*
Posted by bwood, Sat Mar-27-21 11:59 AM
>>Really loving it so far. Episode 2 had a lot of character
>>work and plot. Plus bringing Isiash Bradley into it?!
>The Isiah Bradley stuff was great and it looks like they're
>going to really get into race. That scene with Sam and Buck
>talking to the Psych, I felt like Sam wanted to say he didn't
>keep the shield because the world wouldn't accept a Black Cap
>and Isiah Bradley is proof of that.

YO! The racial aspects are starting to rear its head. And that moment with Sam and Bucky with the cops had me on the verge of puking. I've had so many encounters like that with police.

TBH, I always liked Sam more than Bucky in the MCU. This show completely changed that. Sam is an idoit and Bucky I feel is the only one who's rational.

>>Now onto Act 2. And fuck John Walker and the new negro.
>Russel is doing a good job of being punchable, US Agent was
>never really a well liked character in the comics so I'm
>enjoying hating him.
>New negro, cuz is pure coonery.

Wyatt Russell always plays the smarmy, know-it-all, laughs at everything white guy I hate. His face (especially when he had the beard and long hair) was SO punchable. The only time I liked him as an actor was in Overlord. He actually showed he had range. Now he's back to playing that same fucking role he's always playing the same dude only with Cap's shield. And it makes me sick.

And yeah this new negro seems like a house negro.