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Topic subjectNot me. Im enjoying
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740655, Not me. Im enjoying
Posted by Mgmt, Tue Feb-09-21 09:44 PM
>But I'm finally starting to feel the fatigue.
>This is coming from a diehard comic book fan. And as a
>teenager Marvel Comics was my lifeline.
>But seriously the last 30 minutes of Endgame gave me pretty
>much everything I could want from a superhero franchise. I
>feel like the moment Captain America grabbed Mjolnir, I was
>DONE. It might have forever ruined MCU movies for me. How do
>you even top that?
>I guess I'll see Black Widow, The Eternals and whatever show
>is going to be on Disney+, but I can't say that any of it
>excites me. Thor 4 is way more promising, but mostly because
>of Taika Watiti--and even so, that doesn't come out until 2021
>or 22. I feel like I ran a marathon and now I have to jog my
>ass home and immediately start training for another marathon.
>If the DCEU hadn't shat the bed so quickly I would have been
>excited to see how that unfolded. I don't know. Maybe Birds of
>Prey will be a welcome change of pace.
>Hopefully Kevin Feige foresaw fans feeling like this and is
>about to throw a curveball.