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Topic subjectI'm drawing a distinction between "just go with it"
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737908, I'm drawing a distinction between "just go with it"
Posted by Cold Truth, Mon Feb-03-20 05:32 AM
and "check your brain at the door"

My meaning of "Just go with it" is that, hey, this is pure, unadulterated fun, and there's something genuine about the people involved in all of this, so let's just enjoy the ride.

Conversely, a "check your brain at the door" movie is nothing but empty calories, with no real meat beneath the absurdity, and the absurdity itself is low-common-denominator.

It's a creatively thought-out train wreck that continues to up the ante against itself, vs meaningless, mindless explosion.

Sure, logic is thrown out the window on both fronts, so let me summarize:

It's "dumb fun" vs "dumb".

I hear you, but I just wanted to clarify the distinction I'm drawing, and I think even with the flawed recent outings, it's still in "just go with it" territory.