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Topic subjectI only disagree with one thing
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737904, I only disagree with one thing
Posted by navajo joe, Sun Feb-02-20 09:41 AM
>Bay would take this shit across the line from "just go with
>it" to "check your brain at the door".

It's already at 'check your brain at the door' and I don't really say that as criticism. Bay would take it from "just go with it" to "fuck you."

6 Underground is the kind of movie you make when you just have outright contempt for human beings. He's a director whose face I would throw hands on if I met him in the street see also: S. Craig Zahler.

His films are mean-spirited, jingoism masquerading as movies and his black 'characters' are largely just caricatures. Does this series really need Tyrese and Luda trying to out coon each other for Bay's delight?

Without even the ability to put together a coherent much less enjoyable action sequence anymore I'd say the last thing this franchise needs is fucking Michael Bay.

I'd rather this shit be turned into soul-crushing existential drama by Innaritu before Michael Bay gets his mitts on this shit.

Whatever you say about this Franchise it has never been mean-spirited (Statham's hospital massacre notwithstanding but even that wasn't played for fucking giggles).

It's a series that gets by on its goofy sincerity and wearing its heart on its sleeve. Michael Bay would gut all that precisely because he's heartless.