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Topic subjectIt was cool. Felt kinda short with some minor issues with the ending.
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741528, It was cool. Felt kinda short with some minor issues with the ending.
Posted by Soldado, Mon Jun-28-21 07:39 AM
Spoilers ahead.

So one the monsters was on the boat they came over in and nobody noticed? How did that work? Was dude just hanging on the back and going along for ride? Or was that another boat that just happened to float it's way to the same island in a similar time span? It happened to land in a part of the island that was remote enough that nobody noticed it coming there...but close enough that Cilian Murphy could wander upon it and get back to the people right before the monster attacks? Why didn't the monster immediately get to chomping once it got to the island and heard everyone making noise? Why did he wait until mid day?

Also, why did Djimon Hounsou go through all of that just to get to the radio station and be like "I gotta go back and check on my kid"? He knew his kid was safe as long as the monster was at the radio station. That was the whole point of luring him there lol.

It was an otherwise pretty tight script. For some reason, I was kinda surprised they showed how the monsters got there. Because in the final trailer (and beginning of the movie), they kinda focused on the toy space shuttles in that store. I thought that was their way of cleverly alluding to the origin of the monsters so they weren't going to blatantly reveal it. Ohsawells. That was a cool ass "arrival" scene either way.

And why are these small white town cops in movies always black? Lol.