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Topic subjectI think "terrible" may be overstating it a bit
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737215, I think "terrible" may be overstating it a bit
Posted by mrhood75, Wed Dec-11-19 12:41 PM
There were parts of it that were awful. The arc where Jared fell out with Richard and the company was as tedious and stupid as it was pointless. Gavin Belson should have gotten more screwed at the end, beyond people think he was a joke. And the show never figured out a way to create much drama beyond "Pied Piper is on the brink of collapse!!!!" for six seasons.

However, I liked some stuff about the final season. Guilfoyle becoming a functional alcoholic who makes some friend seems about right. Big Head continuing to fail up was also poetic. Lori in prison and completely unable to relate to human beings was perfect. And seeing Dinesh embrace becoming a terrible person was entertaining at times.

I didn't love the final episode. I'm not sure sabotaging Pied Piper was the right way to go, but the season did have some tricks going for it in the lfinal stretch.