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Topic subjectReprisal, season 1 (Hulu)
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737180, Reprisal, season 1 (Hulu)
Posted by Original Juice, Mon Dec-09-19 03:46 PM
3 episodes in and I'm feeling it.

Critics are saying it's all style over substance; however, I'm loving the style.

Nice performances from Abigail Spencer and Craig Tate. Rory Cochrane is in it too but he hasn't done much in the first few eps besides the opening scene of episode 1.
50's rockabilly style, midwestern/southern gothic, and modern pulp elements. Not quite noir, but some might label it that.

Dialog can be really good at times.

The plot is whatever.. femme fatale revenge.. like a female Count of Montecristo, but I'm sure there are some twists and turns up ahead.

It's beautifully shot. Great production value.

Hints of action/violence, but so far, there hasn't been any mindblowing sequences. I'm hoping there will be a payoff in this department, or I'll be very disappointed.